Confluence advisory | Business consulting in the Republic of Serbia - Marina Bosnjovic
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“Being in a good mood turns all into a fun, even with hard work“

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


CONFLUENCE ADVISORY D.O.O. was founded in early 2017, following more than two decades of professional experience of its founder in the public and private sectors. It has since then been successfully developing its business in the market of the Republic of Serbia providing business consulting services to foreign and local clients.

Our mission is establishing long-term relationships with our clients, at the same time providing high-quality and value-added services for both parties. Given the unique nature of each project, we approach them devotedly, putting our attention to every detail, in the attempt to create a stimulating environment for our employees and associates, and thus, in good spirit, make the greatest possible benefit for our clients.

We specialize in foreign direct investments in the Republic of Serbia (mostly for German clients).

In its work, the Confluence Advisory team always conforms to the highest professional standards and ethical principles. Our approach in doing business is based on impartial approach in the provision of our services, application of various methods and practical solutions in certain uncommon situations, aiming to achieve maximum value for each client.