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FDI Advisory to foreign investors in the Republic of Serbia and foreign investments Project Management:

The largest volume of our services is in this area. We provide support to foreign investors from the very beginning, starting from their first visit to Serbia, up to final decisions and project implementation. We provide full-time support in almost all aspects of the project, in particular:

  • Various analysis of Serbia as a potential location for investment;
  • Location and land for investment search;
  • Negotiations with state and local authorities as well as with private legal entities and individuals in order to create the best possible conditions for investing;
  • Preparation of applications for cash subsidies and other incentives secured by the Government of the Republic of Serbia for investing;
  • Project implementation as per client’s request (monitoring, control, problem-solving, etc.);
  • Contracting high-quality legal services with reputable law firms (in most cases, this is absolutely mandatory and we encourage our clients to choose legal advisors at an early stage).
Financial advisory services:
  • Drafting of Business Plans/Investment Programs for various purposes;
  • Drafting of Financial Due Diligence reports;
  • Drafting of reports on the valuation of assets and capital, i.e. assets and capital valuation applying various valuation methods (cost, market or income valuation approach);
  • Valuation of property and equipment in accordance with IAS 16 and IAS 36;
  • Founding capital valuations;
  • Assessment of bankruptcy debtor assets, valuation of the bankruptcy debtor as a legal entity;
  • etc
Extensive experience in the privatization process of socially-owned and state-owned capital in the Republic of Serbia through the property and capital valuation and project management on behalf of the Republic of Serbia, strengthened our competencies in this field and contributed to added value and know-how applicable in other aspects of business consultancy.
M&A advisory services:
  • Deal structuring;
  • Process management;
  • Managing of subcontractors;
  • Valuation or assistance in valuation;
  • Support in the due diligence preparation process/financial due diligence;
  • Preparation of the entire set of necessary sales documentation for sell-side projects, etc.